Neurodivergent Love Languages

  1. Info-dumping
    Nerding out. Sharing, in detail and length, your favorite interests and passions. A look into your favorite parts of yourself.
  2. Parallel Play
    Being okay being alone together. Comfort in the quiet. Engaging in your passions independently in the same space. Enjoying one another’s presence without needing to touch or talk.
  3. Support Swapping
    Accommodate and support one another. Remind each other to eat, hydrate, or take your medications. Encourage each other to be productive or to rest, spend time with loved ones or take time to decompress alone. Help each other with errands, work, social situations, or chores.
  4. Please Crush My Soul Back into My Body
    Deep pressure. Real hugs. Always with consent.
  5. I Found This Cool _________ and I Thought You Would Like It
    Unconventional gift giving. Rocks, buttons, stickers, leaves, etc. Sharing something you find interesting, or something you know they find interesting, to express affection.

For reference, the original Love Languages are:
Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, and Gifts. This is not my original post. I’ve seen it circulating online and I decided to re-write it.

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