Bus Bodies

Once upon a time, the megachurch preacher proclaimed that, by God's grace, the pile of bodies behind the bus (that was the church) would become a mountain by the time they were done. Those in the way of the mission would become a casualty. Those out of line were nothing more than speedbumps. Individuals that... Continue Reading →

The Safe Ones

Are you safe?Can I be seen?Can I speak?Is it okay if I risk being myself? If I'm frustrated, will you roll your eyes? Will you tell me I’m making a big deal of nothing? Will you say I’m being silly? If I’m upset, will you see a complainer? Will you look down on me for... Continue Reading →


Stepping foot into a church has become a gunshot that marks the beginning of a racing heart. It makes no distinction between a small country house of thirty people and the large stone cathedral with stained glass windows in the midst of a bustling city. The hills and valleys of Baptist hymns, the unpredictable droning... Continue Reading →

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