Parent Questionnaire

Has your child ever or does your child currently struggle with social interactions including any of the following: (▢ Never ▢ Past (Not Now) ▢ Rarely ▢ Sometimes ▢ Often) Approaches people in unusual ways (e.g. licks others, hugs strangers)?Does not initiate conversations with others?Engages in one-sided conversations (e.g. talks excessively about own interests)?Does not... Continue Reading →


I started the diagnostic process in October of 2020 and received my report in January of 2022. I am officially diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, Depression and "Autism - Rule Out" with the recommendations of Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and possible psychiatric consultation to help with medication that will work with my seizures to help... Continue Reading →


October 2020My counselor suggests that I see about testing for at the Autism and ADHD center. I find the website and put in a request. I hear back quickly. Within a few weeks, I fill multiple forms on the patient portal, and receive a thick packet of several hundred questions to fill out and send... Continue Reading →

Neurodivergent Love Languages

Info-dumpingNerding out. Sharing, in detail and length, your favorite interests and passions. A look into your favorite parts of yourself.Parallel PlayBeing okay being alone together. Comfort in the quiet. Engaging in your passions independently in the same space. Enjoying one another's presence without needing to touch or talk.Support SwappingAccommodate and support one another. Remind each... Continue Reading →

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