Parent Questionnaire

Has your child ever or does your child currently struggle with social interactions including any of the following: (▢ Never ▢ Past (Not Now) ▢ Rarely ▢ Sometimes ▢ Often) Approaches people in unusual ways (e.g. licks others, hugs strangers)?Does not initiate conversations with others?Engages in one-sided conversations (e.g. talks excessively about own interests)?Does not... Continue Reading →


I started the diagnostic process in October of 2020 and received my report in January of 2022. I am officially diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, Depression and "Autism - Rule Out" with the recommendations of Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and possible psychiatric consultation to help with medication that will work with my seizures to help... Continue Reading →


October 2020My counselor suggests that I see about testing for at the Autism and ADHD center. I find the website and put in a request. I hear back quickly. Within a few weeks, I fill multiple forms on the patient portal, and receive a thick packet of several hundred questions to fill out and send... Continue Reading →

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